Name:Digital Force Measurement Control Indicator LZ-801E



Application:Simple weighing force measurement, comparison output function; Peak capture, peak comparison output; RS485 and RS232 communication, optional modBUS-RTU communication, active upload and other customized protocols; 5 bit red LED digital tube, English character/number display; It has the functions of power-on reset, communication reset, manual reset, automatic zero tracking or creep tracking, etc. Switching inputs and outputs can be defined; The input signal of the sensor is optional: mV, V, mA; According to customer requirements can add a variety of analysis detection or tracking control functions;


General purpose force display control instrument LZ-801EUniversal Force Measurement Control IndicatorFeatures & Applications&


Digital Force Measurement Control Indicator LZ-801E 


通用测力显示控制仪表 LZ-801E

Features & Applications 

a. Functions like simple weighing, force measurement, and comparative output.
b. Peak value capture and peak value comparison output.
c. RS485 and RS232 communication, with optional Modbus-RTU communication, active upload and other customized protocols.
d. 5-bit red LED digital tube, display in English character / digits.
e. With functions such as zero clearing when power-on, communication clearing, manual clearing, automatic zero tracking or creep tracking.
f. Switching input and output can be defined.
g. Sensor’s input signal can be selected: mV, V, or mA.
h. Various analysis, detection and tracking control functions can be added according to customer requirements.






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