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Pressure sensor-Toggle clamp pressure test

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The micro pressure sensor is mainly used in the field of force value detection with small installation space, such as keystroke tester, screen press-fitting, mobile phone keystroke detection, mobile phone assembly, and robot hand grip. The dynamic response is less than 300HZ, the outside diameter is less than 12mm, and the accuracy is generally around 5%-1%. The outside diameter is greater than 12mm, and the sensor precision can be 0.5%-0.05%. For specific parameters, please refer to our product brochure.

Pressure sensor-Toggle clamp pressure test

The pressure test of the toggle fixture is mainly to measure the clamping force of the fixture with the force sensor. The force value display instrument can be used to display the force value output by the force measurement sensor.

Scenario A: Small pressure sensor LFC-13+ force value display computer.

Plan B: Small pressure sensor LFC-13 + force value display instrument (LZ-801+LZ-800 optional) composition.

Scheme C: Small pressure sensor LFC-13 + sensor signal amplifier LZ-700 + PLC data acquisition.

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