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The application of weighing and charging system in highway cars

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By setting the weight rate of vehicle in the lane toll charge front of dynamic weighing device, vehicle separation device, vehicle recognition device, data acquisition processing unit will be collected charge lane information sent to the computer, the overrun of the axle load or traffic total weight toll collection approach of the case, determine the appropriate fees. The system is applied to the weighing sensor, and the accurate perception of the weighing sensor makes the weight charge more reasonable.

Vehicle toll lane, the wheel in turn been laid in the driveway pavement of the high precision dynamic axle load and wheel recognizer, control module to transmit a signal to the data acquisition processor, comprehensive dynamic data processing program through the preset weighing data processor will calculate each shaft axle load, axle load, gross vehicle weight, shaft type (single shaft, coupling), the types of tires (single and double), and other information. The infrared vehicle separation and frequency conversion sensor installed on the side of the road can accurately determine whether the vehicle passes completely. When the vehicle is completely off the infrared light background, the weighing data processor will transmit the weighing results, vehicle identification results and other information to the lane toll computer. The lane toll computer will charge the vehicle according to the weight rate, and display the vehicle load information and the amount payable on the weight display screen. This simple system has been applied to multiple sensors for analysis, which will be ubiquitous in real life in the future.

Due to the production of electronic weighing apparatus based on weighing sensor has widely applied to all walks of life, to realize the rapid and accurate for material weighing, especially with the emergence of microprocessor, the constant improvement of the industrial production process automation, weighing sensor has become a necessary device in the process control, from the previous can't weigh the large tank, hopper weight measuring and crane scale, auto scale measuring control, such as to the distribution of a variety of raw materials mixed ingredients system, in the process of production of automatic detection and powder feed rate control, application of the weighing sensor. The application of weighing sensor in the weight charging device will be more and more popular and popularized.

Intelligent electronic platform scale adopts the newly designed steel structure scale, high-precision shear beam weighing sensor and intelligent weighing display instrument, which constitute the weighing system. High accuracy, stable and reliable operation. It is suitable for weighing small amount of goods in warehouse, workshop, construction site, shop and other places. Anti - magnetic, anti - interference, anti - lightning and other functions, easy to use, widely used. All products are optional with printer, large screen frequency conversion sensor. It not only makes the charging standard more reasonable, but also effectively inhibits the predatory use of over-limit transport vehicles on highways, reduces the threat of over-limit transport to the safety of people's lives and property, and promotes the safe, standard and healthy development of China's transport.

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