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Application in automatic pressure detection system

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Application of pressure sensors in automation equipment:

In automatic control system, sensor plays a very important role. The sensors in the automatic control system can be directly used in the measurement of mechanical manufacturing, and at the same time, the measurement results can be converted into another kind of data for output according to certain rules. That is to say, in the automatic control system, the application of sensor technology can quickly and accurately obtain information, and this information can be obtained in any environment. It can be seen from the development history of mechatronics system that sensors actually improve the quality of the entire system operation. In the process of actual work and operation, if there is no sensor, it will be difficult to detect the running state of the system, let alone obtain accurate information. This makes it difficult to process and control system information effectively.

Pressure sensors in the automation equipment is the most widely used, hot press, forming machine, laminating machine and so on will use a lot of pressure sensors, and even a machine with dozens of pressure sensors, pressure sensors of various types of structure, selection should pay attention to choose the appropriate structure to facilitate the installation and use.

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