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Application of force measurement system in medical industry

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Force transducer is a kind of transducer which can convert force into electrical signal. It has the advantages of good stability, flexible use and easy maintenance. The application field of force sensor is very wide, especially in the medical electronics industry. All medical force sensors must be highly accurate and tightly packed so that they are easy to carry and do not distort by impact. Especially if the device is connected directly to the patient. Standard packaging materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum should be used if the sensor is used in an integrated monitoring instrument for a medical device. Special stainless steel, autoclaving, or disposable sensors may be used if the device is in direct contact with the human body or liquid.

Medical electronic equipment

Force transducers - Clinical tests

Medical force sensors have been used in mechanical measurement in the early days, such as bed load monitoring. Until the early 1980s, nurses had to personally measure a patient's weight and track significant fluctuations. By installing force sensors on the bed, the patient's exact weight can be transferred effectively to a handheld device. Each bed is typically fitted with four force sensors, one under each leg, which transmit data to a junction box connected to the equipment or controller.

Force sensor - Implanted medical infusion device

Before long, small force sensors were being used in areas prone to human error, such as infusion pumps for administering drugs. In the past, liquids, drugs or nutrients were placed in infusion bags and suspended so that fluids could be pumped into the patient through a tube that relied on gravity. In order to adjust the flow rate as accurately as possible, various clamping methods have been used. In addition, the nurse should frequently monitor the infusion to make sure that the infusion is correct. The fluid in the infusion bag has not been drained out and no blood has returned. The force sensor and monitoring system are introduced into the simple infusion equipment, and the subjective judgment process is eliminated. The force sensor can accurately measure the weight of the infusion bag, and when the liquid weight is different from the pre-set value, the sensor will immediately send a warning message to the connected device. Generally, small bending beam force transducers (range 100g to 1lb)& ENSP; Install on the reservoir under the hose. The sensor detects changes in catheter weight during infusion and communicates data to an electronic controller. In this way, the labor cost is greatly reduced and the working efficiency is improved.

Sample of force transducer

Combining the force sensor with the previous simple mechanical technology, the information can be fed back to other equipment. Introducing automation into many medical areas can reduce human error in operations. The data provided by the force sensors are permanently recorded, which can also greatly improve the tracking of medical processes, facilitating responsibility verification and big data analysis.

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