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Miniature tension pressure sensor - Computer pressure test

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Computer pressure test of miniature tension pressure sensor

The computer pressure experiment is mainly composed of miniature tension pressure sensor LFS-02 and computer and force value display instrument. The connection mode has the following two schemes.

Scheme A: Miniature tension pressure sensor LFS-02 + force value display control computer.

Option B: Miniature tension pressure sensor LFS-02 + force value display instrument (L100 or L240).

The miniature tension pressure sensor LFS-02 is small in size and can measure tension and pressure at the same time, so it is suitable for testing the force value in a small space.

The force value display instrument LZ-800 is mainly used to display the force value tested by the sensor in the test. The instrument supports RS232/RS485 communication. MODBUS RTU communication protocol, with dual filtering functions of analog and digital, can realize automatic zero return on power, analog signal 4-20mA(or 0-10V), can be directly used for PLC data acquisition.

Handheld instrument LZ - D01 can directly show the test force value of the instrument itself stored power, configuration of various types of sensors, upper and lower two level output, buzzer, display hints at the same time, the alarm high sampling rate, 6 hz - 1600 hz set arbitrary, can be used for impact testing, can be stored permanently 100 set of test report, test report content has a testing time, peak and valley value, average, etc., still can save 1 set of curves, traces the whole test process.

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