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The application of spoke sensor

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Hub-and-spoke force sensor in our industrial practice is also the most commonly used one kind of sensor, because of the impact resistant, shock resistant, high precision, high stability, and wide working temperature range, etc, are widely used in many industry, then, you are on the hub and spokes force sensor structure design principle and principle to understand how much? Next, let's take a look at how the sales engineer of Shenzhen Lizhu Quasi sensor Technology Co., Ltd. analyzes the main principles and principles of the structural design of spoke force sensors.

[Shenzhen force Quasi-Sensor] The sensor manufacturer simply describes the main principles and principles of the structural design of spoke force sensors:

Spoke force transducer

The main principles of structural design of spoke force sensor

1. Be rigid. In order to keep the working state of the sensor stable and reduce the influence of external vibration interference, the elastic displacement of the elastomer under the action of load should be reduced as far as possible so that it has a higher natural frequency.

2. Have a simple and reasonable overall structure. Elastomer should be as a whole as possible to avoid composite structure. Reduce the influence of fastening and loosening, welding deformation and so on, and help simplify the processing technology and reduce the cost.

3. It is insensitive to changes in the position of the force and the influence of interfering forces. The stress distribution in the strain sensitive area of elastomer is expected to change only with the force.

4. Good process performance in the elastomer working area, including good machining, bonding and sealing installation process.

5. Low shape structure, easy installation and good interchangeability. Low profile structure can enhance the ability of resisting lateral force and make the working state stable.

The principle of spoke force sensor

Because it is shaped like a wheel with spokes, we call it a spoke sensor. Because its basic principle is to measure shear stress, it is also called shear stress sensor. Because of its loW height, it is also called loW profile load cell in foreign countries. The outstanding advantages of this kind of sensor are low height, high precision, good linearity, strong resistance to eccentric load and lateral force, etc. It can be used to measure both pressure and tension, so it is especially suitable for weighing and force measurement.

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