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The application of the keyboard touch test system

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Pressure sensors are widely used in our industrial area. At present, many enterprises are very interested in the use of pressure sensors. Then, what are the applications of pressure sensors in keystroke force measurement? Next, let's take a look at how the engineers of Shenzhen Lizhu Sensor Technology Co., LTD. Introduce the application of pressure sensors in the key-press force measurement.

Since the third electronic technology revolution, the computer has been gradually popularized. If THE CPU is the heart of the computer and the monitor is the face of the computer, then the keyboard is the mouth of the computer, which realizes the smooth communication between people and the computer. However, as the peripherals with which we have the most contact, the development trend of the keyboard is more and more in line with the professional, and according to the different USES engaged in, the performance of the keyboard is also different, resulting in different production processes, and one of the hottest processes is the key force test. (PS. As we know from the customer, the shanzhai keyboard also started the key-press force technology recently.) So how was the key-press force test tested? How do sensors play a role in this? The following will take the Apple computer keyboard key detection as an example to explain one by one, in-depth understanding of how the sensor is to detect hand feeling.

1. Low test strength

Keyboard keys feel the force value in 0-200g

2. High precision

The error is going to be 1 gram

3. Fast speed

Each button is tested within 1S

According to this requirement, we select S-type pressure sensor LFS02 and intelligent high-speed instrument L600 for matching use;

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