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The pull force sensor of Beijing area basically has what brand

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What are the main brands of tension sensors in Beijing?

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Cyt-202s Beijing tension sensor


Cyt-202 series Beijing tension sensors are suitable for specified standard weighing systems, such as platform scales, hopper weighing systems, etc., especially for industrial weighing systems requiring high precision. Because of its high reliability and sealing design, it can work continuously and stably for a long time even in bad environment.

Main Technical indicators

Range :30,50,100,200,300,500 N/1,2,3,5,10,20,30,50 kN/100,200,300,500 kN

Output: 1.5mV /V or 0~5V,1~5V,0~10mA,4~20mA

Beijing tension sensor nonlinear :0.03,0.1 % F·S

After delay :0.03,0.1 % F·S

Non-repeatability: 0.03,0.1 % F·S

Temperature drift :0.003,0.01 % F·S/℃

Zero output :≤ 2% F·S

Excitation voltage :10V or 12V,15V,24V(DC)

Operating temperature :-20~80 ℃

Overload capacity :150% F.S.

Main features of Beijing tension sensor

High precision, low drift, wide range, strong anti-deviating load

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