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What are the main categories of weighing sensors

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Classification of weighing sensors

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According to the conversion method, the weighing sensor is divided into 8 types, including photoelectric type, hydraulic type, electromagnetic type, capacitive type, magnetic pole change type, vibration type, gyroscope ceremony, resistance strain type, etc., and the resistance strain type is the most widely used.

Traditionally, a load sensor is a general term for weighing sensors and force sensors, and its measurement characteristics are evaluated by a single parameter. In the old national standard, two sensors, weighing and measuring force, which had different application objects and different environmental conditions, were considered as one, and no distinction was made between test and evaluation methods. There were 21 indexes in the old national standard, all of which were tested at room temperature. The maximum error of the six indexes of nonlinearity, lag error, repeatability error, creep, zero-point temperature additional error and rated output temperature additional error is used to determine the accuracy level of the weighing sensor, which is expressed as 0.02, 0.03 and 0.05 respectively.

I. Resistance strain type weighing sensor

Using the principle that the resistance of the strain gauge changes when it deforms. It is mainly composed of elastic element, resistance strain gauge, measuring circuit and transmission cable. The resistance strain gauge is attached to the elastic element. When the elastic element is forced to deform, the strain gauge on the elastic element deforms and causes the resistance to change. The measuring circuit measures the change in the strain gauge resistance and converts it into an electrical signal output proportional to the external force. The electrical signal is processed to show the mass of the object in digital form.

The weighing range of resistance strain sensors is tens of grams to hundreds of tons.

Ii. Principle of resistance strain type weighing sensor

Resistance strain type weighing sensor is based on the principle that elastomer (elastic element, sensitive beam) elastic deformation under the action of external force, the resistance strain gauge on the surface of the paste in his (cell) also along with the deformation and deformation resistance strain gauge, its value will change (increase/decrease), and then through the corresponding measurement circuit convert the resistance to electrical signals (voltage or current), so as to complete the process of external force transform into electrical signals.

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